Conferences & Workshops

The DSC workshops are organized regularly by the Center for Computational Intelligence. They deal with future directions in statistical computing, such as event-driven software, graphical user interfaces, large and varied databases, reusable components, high-level object-oriented interfaces, and data exchange using XML.

useR! 2004

The R User Conference
May 20-22, 2004, Technische Universität Wien

DSC 2003

Distributed Statistical Computing
March 20-22, 2003, Technische Universität Wien

gR 2002

gRaphical models in R
September 12-14, 2002, Wien

ICANN 2001

International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks: The annual conference of the European Neural Networks Society
August 21-25, 2001 Wien

DSC 2001

Distributed Statistical Computing
March 15-17, 2001, Technische Universität Wien

DSC 1999

Distributed Statistical Computing
March 19-23, 1999, Technische Universität Wien


First Austrian Workshop on Neural Networks
April 9-11, 1997, Schloß St. Martin bei Graz